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As complete newbies to smallholding,can anyone advise on the best breed of chickens to start us off,as want chucks as layers only (don`t think i could dispatch any of my own birds!) We have go good design for henhouse from farmnext door,who run a strand of electric wire on the outsider perimiters of their pen to deter foxes about 8" from the ground,they also have 3 ducks in with the chucks and they all seem to get along.Sorry waffling on,so any suggestions re breed and age to purchase would be welcome.Also had wondered about cockerill? think it might cause too much noise? any suggestions?



Have a look at another members page - Ikledigga
She has a small holding and has kept us up to date with her progress, this will certainly give you some help and I'm sure she won't mind a private message

15 Feb, 2009


Yes - Ikledigga's your gal!

Could I suggest you might like to get some 'second hand' chickens that have come from battery farms? Bit of feel-good, helping to provide homes for the poor things....

15 Feb, 2009

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