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By Sadie

west midlands, United Kingdom Gb

I have grown Zinnias from seed this year but believe thay are half hardy, what does this mean? If I save the seeds will they come true next year?



They are actually viewed as an annual so you need to grow from seed each year. You can try saving the seed and sowing next year but you will not necessarily get the same flowers as the parent plant and, if this is an F1 hybrid, the seeds will be sterile.

21 Aug, 2011


Thanks Moon growe

21 Aug, 2011


Actually, MG, F1 Zinnias are not sterile, but they will show even more variation in their seedlings than an open pollinated variety, and the seedling's flowers are more likely to be smaller and more open than their parents'.

22 Aug, 2011


I stand corrected :-)

22 Aug, 2011


I am SUCH a schoolmaster! : )

22 Aug, 2011

How do I say thanks?

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