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Miniture Magnolia

East Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

When I moved I moved with me a miniture Magnolia tree.
It appeared to be fine for the first year. It flowered and leafed as normal. It started to look poorly during last summer and now when should see the flower buds forming there are none although ut is still alive. What can I do to revive it



when you moved it did you dig it up? Plants resent root disturbance and the flowers for this year should have been set late summer/autumn, because it was suffering from stress it has sulked. as it is alive, feed it well and keep it well watered [not waterlogged] and it should sort itself out. As another thought, is it in the same type of soil, they prefer neutral or slightly acidic soil. if its too alkaline it will yellow, this can be sorted with sequestrion [Iron type feeds] hope this helps.

12 Feb, 2009

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