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By Sunday

west mids, United Kingdom Gb

Hi Folks.

Hope you are all well.

Quick question. I am wondering what to do. Since the purchase of my lovely bitch sasha, the lawn is in a terrible way.
I feel that if i replace lawn, she'll just do it again and then I'll have to replace again etc...
My partner suggests taking up what's left of lawn and shrubs etc and replce with gravel.
I've told him no way am i getting rid of the borders, I'm trying to make my borders fuller. Anyway i am thinking of replacing the lawn with gravel. As you can see from my picture, lawn space is very small.

I am just asking for other goy users suggestions and opinions please.

Ps Can you grow onions in a container/planter? And how do they grow.

Tar in advance



You can grow any type of vegetable in a container from cress to potatoes! Onions are a good example and as long as you have a good variety that grows well in a container you should be ok. Make sure the soil is well prepared with a mixture of John Innes no3 and compost, keep watered in dry spells and you should be fine.

11 Feb, 2009


I heard somewhere that you should train the dog to wee and poo in a special area, but don't know if it's possible. You can also get a kind of rock that you put in the dog's water bowl and it stops the wee bleaching patches on the lawn! Google 'dog rocks'.

11 Feb, 2009


I would suggest separating the borders and gravel with edging slabs so the gravel does not mix with the soil. We find that if take the trouble to concrete them in properly, they will not move. As regards the gravel, we have a gravel drive which we had done a few years ago. As with most things, it appears its all about preparation. You need a good solid base of aggregate and mill waste, well whacked down. If you have a good, flat base you will only need a thin layer of gravel, which is better to walk on. I knew someone who kept adding more gravel to get an area level and ended up with gravel coming over their shoes when they walked. Hope this helps.

11 Feb, 2009


you ever tried picking up poo out of gravel or grass.yes it will happen again.any chance you can bulid a dog run and keep her/him of the grass.if you leave a bit of soil at the end and run them on slabs you dont have to cut there nails either.thats what ive done as i have 3 dogs .you can virtualy hide a dog run.if you make it realy slim they will be inclined to go to the dirt.i have photos on here of my garden if you are interested sunday.

11 Feb, 2009


Ha Ha NP, no actually not tried picking poo up off gravel, fortunately, lol but yes, pick it up regularly off grass, what a life!

11 Feb, 2009


We've recently aquired a young pup who is slowly destroying the lawn! We have trained him to wee in a particular spot so it is possible, poo is a different matter but we just pick it up every couple of days. He is also trained to stay off the flower beds.
We're going to add some more patio areas to reduce some of the mess and are considering artificial grass for the rest!! (should i be admiting to that on a gardening site!)

11 Feb, 2009


no you shouldnt can train dogs to do most things within there pertentiol caperbillities it seams reem good luck

11 Feb, 2009


thank you everyone for your advice and suggestions.

Nosey potter - I have looked at your gardens ages ago, and it looks superb!

12 Feb, 2009


thank you i hope it inspires you

12 Feb, 2009

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