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Could someone please take a look at my canterburry bells and oriental poppy's..It says on both packets to plant out in flowering position in Autumn...could I plant them in the ground now? their getting quite big or shall I wait? thankyou

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I'd give them another month before planting out and make sure to protect them from slugs and snails who will love them!

16 Aug, 2011


Hi kate ;) not sure about the bells but the poppy almost certainly can be planted out now, their a hardy plant and the bigger the better for surviving winter, mine have no trouble surviving whatever the winter throws at them including the last winter,some of my new growth from my april flowers this year are flowering at the moment and who knows if we have a warmer autumn theres still time for you to get a flower but only if you plant out now.

16 Aug, 2011


thanks to you both :)

16 Aug, 2011


The only reason for waiting till autumn is to do with water supply - planting now means you need to keep them regularly watered yourself.

16 Aug, 2011


The ground is warm at the moment and as long as you keep them watered it is a good time for them to get their root systems established.Go for it, plant them out!

16 Aug, 2011

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