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By Alextb

London, England Eng

1) I broke a few leaves on my new Hosta "Patriot" when moving after the Police got information that the riots may spread to the London Borough of Sutton. Will the Hosta grow these leaves back in Spring?

2) Also, should it be repotted in the Spring to allow it to grow larger?

3) How fast do Hosta's grow, and do the leaves just get bigger or do they grow fresh new leaves?

Much appreciated. Alex.




Hallo Alex - as Hostas are herbaceous plants, it doesn't matter that you broke the leaves. It will disappear for the winter, and come back up in the spring, slugs and snails permitting - make sure you're ready to do battle with them!

Yes, each year the plant should get a little bigger, so you'll need to think about repotting it in a couple of years.

The leaves do get bigger, too, over some years. It really depends on the variety as to the size they grow to. Some hostas are quite small naturally. I think 'Patriot' will get larger over time.

15 Aug, 2011


Hi Alex, that's a shame, but it will recover, they like damp and semi shade. It will die right down over winter and reappear in the spring as strong new leaves that will unfirl. They do grow quite big in the right conditions, pots will restrict the growth compared to being in the ground, but it should still do well. Usually they need repotting about every 2-4 years

15 Aug, 2011


Hello , nothing to worry about, a few broken leaves wont harm the plant, hostas are perennials and so naturally die down to nothing, judging by your pot size i think you will be ok for a year or two, once it gets to a certain size, you could transfer to a larger pot or whynot divide it, by doing so you can have a few other pots, to propagate gently move the gravel away once the foliage has died down and you will have a very tough crown, lift and divide, dont be afraid of damaging any of the crown they are tough to divide compared to other perennials, but they take very easy.

15 Aug, 2011


Thanks for the advice. You 3 have put my mind at rest.

As it dies down, I now know that the leaves will be replenished in the Spring.

15 Aug, 2011



15 Aug, 2011


The broken leaves may actually have made the move easier on the plant, too. It helps to balance the inevitably broken roots.

16 Aug, 2011


If that hosta was mine I would take the ivy out of the pot as the hosta will soon fill that size pot with its own roots. The ivy roots will stop the hosta getting to its full size. The hosta leaves will in time cover the pot.

16 Aug, 2011


Thanks you 2.

16 Aug, 2011

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