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I am considering buying a potato kit. need advice


By Mandywr

worcestershire, United Kingdom

Some potato kits [the more expensive ones] have a panel to open near the bottom for harvesting potatoes a few at a time. Is it worth paying extra for this?
Also, I have grown potatoes in my garden before but abandoned it because of slugs. I imagine it would be well to include some slug pellets in the potato container?



With the credit crunch upon us, I wouldn't bother buying expensive 'potato kits'. Potatoes can be grown very cheaply in heavy duty black rubble sacks. Ensure you make plenty of drainage holes at the bottom and lower sides of bag. I usually 'chit' the seed potatoes up first; a week or two before your planned potato planting date, set your seed potatoes somewhere where they will be exposed to some warmth, this will induce them to begin sprouting. Roll down sides of bag and fill bottom with compost. then space 2-4 potato seeds evenly around in a circle, and cover with the initial 4 inches of soil.The spacing at which you place the seeds will determine the harvested potato size. If you'd like a quick crop of "baby" potatoes for soups and stews, you can plant the seeds 4 inches apart, and begin harvesting them as soon as they reach the desired size. Once planted, they can be 'earthed up' by adding more compost. As the tubers begin to grow larger the sides of the bag can be rolled back up to accommodate the additional compost.

10 Feb, 2009


It is not necessary to chit the potatoes but the crop will be about a week earlier if you do. Keep the plants well watered but not soggy - little and often is the advice. Also, a weekly feed with tomoato fertilier will help the crop

10 Feb, 2009


Kosierent is quite right. In the past I have used old plastic cistern tanks (my dad was a plumber!) and they worked very well. The biggest problem I came across was watering - potatos need LOADS of water and it became it be onerous, but I got some good crops doing it that way. i wouldn't bother with the 'potato kit'.

Re the slug pellets - no I wouldn't incorporate them with the compost - they are poisenous and personally I would not want to eat potatoes that had grown in compo with slug pellets in. Try using a saucer of beer on the compo surface - the slugs drown in it.

10 Feb, 2009

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