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my new zealand flax lost all its leaves in the winter it was 10ft tall there is now 5 shoots coming out the bottom is this normal



Yes, entirely normal - means the roots have survived, but the old trunk hasn't. If you've not already done so, chop down the trunk, preferably at an angle to allow rain to run off, to the point where the new growth is coming.

12 Aug, 2011


A 10 ft. tall New Zealand Flax? Maybe a Cordyline australis, instead, Achapman? Bamboo's advice is for a Cordyline.

12 Aug, 2011


If we are talking New zealand flax [Phormium] then most of these did very badly here in the east mids with all the long swords [leaves] being killed off, i have dealt with a number of these recently and have found new swords forming, these being aprox 12 inches in height, on closer inspection once all the old swords are taken away right to the base then even smaller shoots can be seen, its a slow process but given time and protection through this winter then they should be ok.

12 Aug, 2011


Oh my goodness, I completely missed that, Tugbrethil, and jumped straight to Cordyline in my mind without missing a beat... and you're right, my advice is for Cordyline, not Phormium, which won't have a trunk to cut down, of course. Thanks for picking that up.

13 Aug, 2011


You're welcome, Bamboo! I need that kind of help, too, you know! : )

13 Aug, 2011


I'd guess its a Cordyline anyway though, lol!

14 Aug, 2011


From some of the ones that I have seen in California, a 10 ft tall New Zealand Flax isn't impossible, but I would be surprised at one surviving the winter of 2009/2010 with its size intact. If it is, of course, Julien's advice rules.

15 Aug, 2011

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