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I bought two of the same climbing rose, planted them in different parts of a south facing garden. One has got lots of lovely red roses on it, the other not a single bud in sight. Leafs on both look healthy. Any advice would be very welcome.



Here's a few possibilities, Helswilt:
Is the non-blooming one near a shade tree or large shrub? Roses, especially the red ones, need a minimum of 4 hours of direct sun a day to bloom well.
Root competition from trees, shrubs, or aggressive vines--such as Ivy--can also reduce or eliminate bloom.
Is the foliage of the non-bloomer the same as the other? A sucker from the understock may have taken over, and they usually only bloom once a year.

11 Aug, 2011


as you said also there planted in different parts of your garden which thow slight is different . it could be also that the otherone will flower next year as well as what tug sais ofcourse .

12 Aug, 2011


Thankyou for replying. The foliage on the non flowereing rose looks very different, not as glossy and larger leaves. The rose with all the flowers on it benefits from the sun rising from the east. And the rose with no flowers is more south west facing.

13 Aug, 2011


It sounds like the one with no flowers is either actually a different variety, or is getting more shade, in spite of what is normally a sunnier exposure. Don't go by direction alone, but stand next to the rose and look up, for shade trees, awnings, or porch covers, and look around, for big shrubs, garden sheds, or garages less than 10 feet away--or, if tall enough, less than 20 feet away! : ) As for the different foliage, leaves produced in shade are usually less glossy, and larger than those produced in sun. Leaves of most of the understock varieties tend to be less glossy, and smaller than the roses grafted on to them. There is also the possibility that whoever sold you the rose may have been mistaken about what variety it was.

13 Aug, 2011


quit a common mistake thats also in the tropical fish trade tugbrethil ie wrongly sold as a different type .

14 Aug, 2011

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