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I want to grow a climbing plant in a place that dosnt get much sun what do you sugest



You could opt for hydrangea petiolaris, it is self clinging, does well on walls, it is deciduous and has lovely white large flowers, i have planted h,petiolaris as a shrub i n a large border and the effect is very good you could do this and encourage it to clamber up a lovely wooden triangular obelisk painted white for winter interest that compliments the hydrangea once the leaves have dropped, prune it ocaisionally to keep it from getting to big, what about clematis tangutica, that would look nice in this situation, or even jasmine and the star jasmine, all these i have seen perform well in this situation, Akebia that really is a lovely climber too and has a nice scent.

10 Aug, 2011


Some roses will grow on a north facing fence too - worth investigating.

10 Aug, 2011


I agree, i have 3 climbing roses on a north facing wall and all perform superbly.
Clematis the same, i have 4 different clems on another north facer and they too do brilliantly.

11 Aug, 2011


Sone of the evergreen euonymus varieties will cling to a vertical surface and will take full shade. 'Silver Queen' and 'Emerald Gaiety' are two of the best

11 Aug, 2011

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