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My Brugmansia/Datura has suddenly produced this conker type fruit or what. With this being my first year with Brugmansia I was expecting a lovely blue /white flower, can you help please?




I don't think that is Brugmansia... damned if I can remember the name of though.

10 Aug, 2011


Have found on another site that this could be, could be a Datura and this is its seed pod.

10 Aug, 2011


Datura {seedhead}?

10 Aug, 2011


Just beat me to it Ian.

10 Aug, 2011


Yep, Datura. Brugmansia has a seed head like a little banana.

10 Aug, 2011


When the pod starts to open you can then cut it off and collect the seed - usually eight to ten weeks after the flower. Remove all other seed pods apart from this one - it'll give you more than enough seed on its own!

11 Aug, 2011

How do I say thanks?

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