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how can i grow from seed without an electric propagator


By Marl3ne

I have a greenhouse but its not up at the moment



Small pot or tray sealed in a plastic sandwich bag on a warm sunny windowsil.

7 Feb, 2009


I agree. I've known people who use their airing cupboards as well but you must check about twice a day for growth.

7 Feb, 2009


Or use those plastic transparent trays that fruit comes in as a lid.

7 Feb, 2009


Before I got my propagator I used to stand seed trays in a plastic bag on a shelf over a radiator, for palms, cycads and exotics. Remember to move them once germinated though if you don't want them getting so leggy, they fall over.


7 Feb, 2009


Don't leave them on a windowsill between the glass and the curtains at night once they have germinated - too cold.

7 Feb, 2009

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