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Thankyou to all who answered my question about my sunken garden and thought all your ideas great, so will give it ago and let the garden evolve 

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We have designed a sunken garden with an Italian flavour and could do with some ideas on the plants that we incorporate into the scheme, I have put some cypress trees for inpact on the outside and really need some ideas for the sunken part? I have tried to upload a photo but don't seem to be able to !! thanks for any help.



Colourful pelargoniums tumbling out of pots, "mediterranean" herbs (rosemary, thyme, sage, lavender, santolina), cistus. Lovely! :-)

8 Aug, 2011


I saw a beautiful mediterranean-style garden yesterday - small beds in a pattern, making up a square garden. Stone paved paths between them, and each section was edged with Stachys byzantina. It made such a change from box edging, and wouldn't need constant trimming. In the middle of the garden was an overflowing tallish urn - lovely planting.
Each section was filled in with pink or lavender flowers.

It was in full sun, and it must have had excellent drainage.

Italian gardens have statues, too - that could also be a focal point.

8 Aug, 2011


Yes, as Spitzhenry says, it needs an urn (or two).

8 Aug, 2011

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