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Could somebody please tell me what this plant is called. I bought it earlier in the year for the leaves. I have now forgotten the name but it looks as if it is about to produce large yellow flowers. I think it was supposed to be planted near water but mine is not near water but in a very shady part of the garden where it is very damp and I watered it a lot when I first got it. I would love to know its name and what kind of flower it will have when it eventually unfolds.
Thank y ou



I think it is a LIGULARIA although theres a few different varieties possibly DENTATA DESDEMONA someone with alot more knowledge than me will possibly confirm that :-0

8 Aug, 2011


It throws up a fist-like bud, which opens to multi- headed dark yellow daisy looking flowers.

8 Aug, 2011


Thank you. Yes, it must be a ligularia. The flower buds are like little fists and the bit of yellow I can see looks very bright.

Don't know what I would do without this website. perhaps one day someone will ask a question to which I will know the answer.

Thanks again SG

8 Aug, 2011


The only reason I knew this answer is because I have one in my garden! It was new last year and I was very impatient to see just what was going to emerge from those 'fists'.

8 Aug, 2011


"perhaps one day someone will ask a question to which I will know the answer"
this is what prompted me to answer as I had the same problem spent hours looking on specialist brugmansia websites before getting an answer here, it is a great site.

8 Aug, 2011

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