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By Nealeie

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Please I have a Fairy ring in my front lawn, how can I get rid of it. It seems to have died and looks terrible.



sorry to say there isnt much you can do as if you dig it up the fungi spores will go everywear .

7 Aug, 2011


You asked a similar question before, Nealeie, and I asked you for certain information, which you've not given...

7 Aug, 2011


Afraid you will have to live with it. You can reseed the dead bit. Often you get a ring or greener more lush grass too.

7 Aug, 2011


Increasing the diversity of the soil organisms in you lawn often helps, Nealie. You do that by applying compost regularly, in addition to whatever other fertilizer regimen you have, and mowing a little high, and frequently. The ring will still be there, but it will be less noticable, and greener in the middle.

7 Aug, 2011

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