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when is best time to lay turf?

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Can I lay turf at this time of year?



Hi, its not really a good time to lay turf in the uk. As a rough rule turf should be laid when grass is growing...although you can lay turf at any time when there isn't frost (or snow!) in areas with no usage. This is because the turf will do best if it can quickly establish itself, ie put down roots and grow away. Site prep for turf is the same as preparing a seedbed for sown grass..there are no shortcuts.

6 Feb, 2009


As soon as the weather improves check with your supplier when turf will be available, lay as soon as you are able to.

6 Feb, 2009


April or September are best as long as the ground's is warm and not waterlogged .

6 Feb, 2009


I phoned up a turf supplier about this a week ago. The supplier told me it was fine to lay turf at this time of the year contrary to what a lot of people thought. However he said it could not be done when it was frosty. Presumably the ground would have to be carefully prepared and left to establish without foot traffic as the growth rate in winter is very slow.

I am in the UK, if you live somewhere where the ground freezes hard most of the winter then it may not be as successful.

6 Feb, 2009

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