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Dwarf cherry not bearing fruit

Hi, I have this plant in a 12'' terracotta pot; it is reaching its 'second growing season’. This is a self-fertile variety, but I have not managed to get it to bear fruit! What it produces plenty of green foliage in the summer, but no fruit? What I am I doing wrong

On plant Prunus avium 'Compact Stella'



I can think of two possibilities for your cherry not fruiting.
Cherries fruit on spurs formed on the older wood. If the plant is very young, it will not yet have old wood to carry these fruiting spurs but I would expect these to start forming after about three years.
The second possible cause is the weather. If the cherry is flowering in cold weather, there may not be any insects around to pollinate the flowers. To assist your plant, use a small artists paintbrush to move pollen between the blossoms

6 Feb, 2009

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