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Potato chitting

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I've just opened my bag of seed potatoes for chitting and have found that they have a lot of white leggy shoots.

Should I leave them or remove the leggy shoots and allow some new shoots to grow,



I chitted some potatoes last year and was advised that if there were any weak white shoots, I should remove them and wait for the stronger pink and green ones to appear. I stood them on straw, upright, there is a way of telling if they are the right way up, look at my pictures (a fair way back now!) and you will see my chitted potatoes. I ended up giving them to another member as we were moving house.

3 Feb, 2009


I agree with Andrea. White and leggy is no good. Take them off and start again. Won't cause problems. And there is no right way up.


3 Feb, 2009


They are only white because they have been in the dark. I would also remove them, but mainly because it is just a tad early for planting them and these shoots would not survive.

4 Feb, 2009

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