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is it safe to plant a Rose Bush on soil that had a previous rose bush in it wisah has died off and the ground been turned over and roots of old tree all taken out




It is recommended that if you wish to plant a rose where a previous one was growing, you should take out a large portion of the old soil and plant the new rose in new soil with plenty of good compost.


5 Aug, 2011


That was the recommendation - however, have a look on the internet for Rootgrow - comes in 2 sizes, you'll only need the smaller one. Use that in the bottom of the hole, at the right level for it to be in contact with the roots of the new rose, and it'll be fine. Although I'm intrigued by the idea that your previous rose 'died off' - what does that mean exactly, was it completely dead? Has anything else in the area died off?

5 Aug, 2011

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