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By Phloxie

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

I have just joined this site and would like to say hello to all members.

I am extremely passionate about Phlox Paniculata and Phlox Maculata varieties. I got hooked on them last year after purchasing the varieties 'Bright Eyes', 'David' and 'Alpha'. The plants are not large as yet and I understand they take a couple of years to be at there best.

If any member shares the same interest as me in the Perennial Phlox I would love to hear from you.




Hello, Phloxie. I'm a relative newcomer, too, and find the site a great source of help and information and I'm sure you will, too.

5 Aug, 2011


Hi Phloxie welcome to GOY, I grow Phlox paniculata, and Phlox subulata mostly, as do quite a few fellow GOY's. If you go to the bottom of the page click on 'P' that takes you to Goypeadia pages and click on Phlox and you will be able to look at over 280 photos of Phlox grown in members gardens. I would love to see some photos of yours too.
I too find that it takes a couple of years for the plants to really show off!

5 Aug, 2011


Hi Phloxie. best gardening site ever. x

5 Aug, 2011


Many thanks for your replies. I feel as though I have been made at home already.

5 Aug, 2011



5 Aug, 2011


Welcome Phloxie...I'm relatively new too! It's a great site and very friendly members.
Looking forward to seeing you pictures :)

5 Aug, 2011


Many thanks also to Drc726 also Scottish. Great to hear from you :)

6 Aug, 2011

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