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I have had some lillies in a pot which have now finished flowering. All the petals have dropped off. Should I cut down the stems now or leave them for a while? Or, should they be lifted? Or, can they be left in the pot and just have the compost top-dressed next year? Thank you.



Cut off the flower heads and let the lily leaves die back naturally. You can either let them stay in the pot over winter and top dress in spring or unpot them store dry and cool over winter and repot in spring

5 Aug, 2011


Thanks very much Moon grower. I presume the lillies that are in the ground should have the flower heads cut off and then just let them do their own thing.

5 Aug, 2011


Yup just cut of the flower stalks and let them die back naturally they will be fine in the ground over winter unless they are Calla lilies, which you will need to lift and store somewhere frost free.

5 Aug, 2011

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