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Will the leaves grow back on my Coprosma plant ?


By Tommers

United Kingdom Gb

During several cold spells, the leaves on my Coprosma have nearly all dropped off. Other coprosma plants I have got are not so badly effected. Will the leaves grow back ?



Wait till the spring, then carefully scrape away a little of the bark low down on each affected bush. If the wood shows green, the plant is still alive; if it is brown or grey, I'm afraid you have lost them

2 Feb, 2009


I had a collection, and though I protected them, some are very obviously DEAD and some may possibly recover. I shall wait until spring and see what happens.

Good luck with yours!

2 Feb, 2009


Oh Spritz, not your prized collection they were lovely, and Me too my lovely 'rainbow suprize' that i double layered with fleece. It does'nt look to good at the moment. but i did notice some little buds right at the base of the plant, so there may be hope yet, but as Andrew has said you can't do anything about it until spring. just protect them as much as you can.

3 Feb, 2009


I'm keeping my fingers crossed over my loropetalum as well. It is now under TWO layers of fleece as well as several inches of snow! I had a round trip of nearly 200 miles to buy it last spring

3 Feb, 2009


I have two, Andrew. The older one has some damaged leaves but the younger one is so far (fingers crossed) coming through OK.

Angie, I am not looking at my Coprosmas until all this cold weather is over. I shall have to think positively and see if there's any life in them in the spring. If not, well, I shall replace them ONCE and this time, in bottomless pots as suggested by Andrew - then into the greenhouse they'll go for the winter.

That is, if I can find them all again - no idea where I bought several of them, unfortunately.

3 Feb, 2009


i know a GC near me that stocks one or two varieties if you get stuck Spritz, could always post them for you. and Andrew, hope your baby makes it though, such a mission to replace it. and i would have kept mine in the greenhouse Spritz, but everything was getting frosted on the inside far worse than under fleece, don't know why, if mine don't make it under the fleece i will hold fire on replacing it until, i have a decent greenhouse.

4 Feb, 2009

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