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Bottle-brush plant

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My bushy plant has caught the frost, all the potential flower ends are brown, do l leave it or cut it back, if so, when?



Leave it alone, cutting back will cut away all the protection left for more cold weather to come. Cut back in late spring.

2 Feb, 2009


I planted a bottlebrush over twenty years ago and it got hit by frost in its first winter. I did not cut the frosted bits off and it grew on as if nothing had happened

2 Feb, 2009


they are suprizingly hardy, but it does depend on variety some are better than others, but i do agree with above advice. but you will proberly find yours will be ok. - good luck.

3 Feb, 2009


The ones with the narrowest leaves are supposed to be the hardiest which is why I chose callistemon linearis (common name is the narrow-leaved bottlebrush)

3 Feb, 2009


same as the one i have i think Andrew, i don't know the variety name, but it is very narrow leaved and it does get quite big too, so therefore better off in the bed, than a pot, mine has been fine dispite all this snow, not a blemish!

5 Feb, 2009

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