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Can you tell me the hight of a standard bay tree and a half standard thank you



That kind of sounds like you think we're a supplier or stockist, we're just people like you sat at home at their PC at this moment in time.

If your question is general though, you can make a tree or shrub into a standard of whatever height you choose - it's purely your choice and decision.

3 Aug, 2011


A bay tree left to its own devices will make a full sized tree eventually if it doesn't succumb to cold weather.

3 Aug, 2011


A 1/2standard is a plant with a single stem or trunk between 2 1/2feet & 4 feet before a head of branches,
a standard is a plant with a single stem anything over
4 feet. hope this helps, derekm

3 Aug, 2011


Ah, thanks Derekm! Here in the USA, standards are sold by how many feet the trunk is.

7 Aug, 2011

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