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I have a tree growing in my garden which I brought with me from a previous garden.I only brought it here because my daughter bought it as a present some years before. It never really did anything before, but since planting it in our current garden it has gone mad. It obviously likes where it is, and this year for the first time it has flowered with these amazing white/pink furry blooms. The tree looks quite tropical and at night the leaves close up. I have no idea what it is called and would be grateful if anyone has ever seen this tree before and would know what it is called. Thanks.

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Mimosa pudica! :-) Off to do some research....
Correction - Mimosa pudica isn't a tree...

Albizia julibrissin! :-) Also known as mimosa tree, silk tree and Persian silk tree.

3 Aug, 2011


You must have a sheltered garden, Steve! I've just read that it's half hardy. It must be enjoying our funny weather this year, unlike everyone else's Busy Lizzies.

3 Aug, 2011


Hi Beattie,
The garden isn't particularly sheltered, but the tree is in a corner which is quite sheltered. It is obviously thriving there and looks spectacular. It certainly looks like a tree and is currently about 17 feet tall and just as wide. Thank you very much for this info. Regards, Steve.

3 Aug, 2011


You must have done a good job moving it Steve. It's ab fab! (Envious green eyes.... ;-) )
Another one for the wish list...

3 Aug, 2011

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