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I am back filling two large planters that I have built; the soil has some spaghetti like routes in it that I have been removing.
Would it be best to leave the roots in and surface weed accordingly, in case I break the strands and in fact create more weeds?

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This does not sound like an annual weed that you can just pull out? It sounds like a weed or unwanted plant which in the conditions you are going to give it, might mean it takes over? It will also compete for the nuetrients/water. Best to dig it out first and make sure you have all the root bits.

3 Aug, 2011


Agreed. The 'spaghetti' sounds suspiciously like the roots of ground elder or couch grass, so I'd be extra sure to get rid of every little bit and dispose of it, but not in a compost bin.

3 Aug, 2011


Bindweed roots are like spagetti too. Get absolutely every bit you can out now. I think I'd hold off planting up with things you like for some months as well. That would give time for any remaining roots to grow and be zapped with a weedkiller such as Roundup.

3 Aug, 2011


it mite be worth getting some weed supressing membrane when youve finished asswell just to make sure . mulching looks atractive and holds the moisture so unless your growing plants every year like veg or anuals it mite well be a good idea .

3 Aug, 2011


Agree, those roots sound like bad news. Sometimes even the tiniest bit will regenerate, and once you have planted you won't be able to dig them out. What sort of area are you getting the soil from? You might get a clue from what grew there. Also unmodified garden soil isn't always the best thing for containers as it can compact badly. How big are the planters?

3 Aug, 2011


Thanks to all of you foer your reply's, it sounds like I have bindweed.

Well I have been digging it out for weeks now, and cleared as much as I possibly can.

There is a chance that some very small particles my have by passed the weeding process but I cant do any more than what I have.

the planters are really big may be 20m sq.

I think some round up treatment is required untill next year, when I will see about planting.

Thanks again too you all, when I have worked it out I will post some pics.


24 Aug, 2011


Your welcome

25 Aug, 2011

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