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The young wild cherry tree i bought two weeks ago has begun to look unwell/ unhappy. We re-potted it into a slightly bigger pot with ordinary compost, its in a sunny position facing south in the front garden, its leaves are beginning to brown and it has developed red spots on its little branches. Its only two years old. Any ideas what i have done wrong? Ill add a photo if i can.

On plant Prunus avium (i think)



It's had a couple of moves lately, so I'd give it a chance to recover in a shady place, give it plenty of water and see if that helps. It seems to me it's a bit shocked.
Others will know more about this than I do, though

31 Jul, 2011


Have you kept ti well watered since repotting? Did you take care not to disturb the rootball?

31 Jul, 2011


I don't like the sound of the red spots on the branches - a photograph is essential.

31 Jul, 2011

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