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Should rose stems with seven leaves be cut off?



im not sure but 7 means its returning to being wild but ill leave this question for someone who realy knows .

28 Jul, 2011


Yes NP it is, as I think this is refering to leaflet on suckers? which may be easily distinguished from the proper plant, as they have 7 leaflets making up the leaf, are very thorny, and are usually a lighter green with a ribbed foliage, as distinct from normal foliage which is glossy and a darker green with 5 leaflets per leaf.
So yes pull off/cut at the base as soon as you see them

28 Jul, 2011


Um, sorry to disagree a bit, Drc, but not always is the answer. The other signs you describe, if present, would confirm it's sucker growth, but that kind of growth always arises from below the knobbly bit at the base of the rose, or from below the ground, so if you have a 7 leaflet branch arising from other, above ground branches, and its not growing at a hundred miles an hour compared to the rest of the bush, leave it alone.

28 Jul, 2011


Thanks Bamboo I havent seen that.

28 Jul, 2011

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