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Need help again here! Just noticed that one of my rhododendrons looks a bit "dusty." Have no idea why. It is near a cotinus about 15 feet tall. I rubbed my finger along the leaf and the dust seemed like very fine household dust (went into little clumps). The leaf underneath the dust was shiny and green. Can anyone tell me what the dust is? Do I need to do anything about it?
Thanks SG



This is the natural coating on the leaves which has become rubbed in places.

27 Jul, 2011


It's actually a very fine fuzz that helps keep the new leaves from drying out. Once they have started thickening their wax coats, it usually just comes off in the rain--or on the fingers!

27 Jul, 2011


Thank you. I have not noticed it before. Very pleased that I don't have to go through dusting all the leaves! I'll leave it to the rain.

Thank you again


27 Jul, 2011

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