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By Cannis

does parthenocissus henryana destroy brickwork



Short answer YES! This is the mile a minute Virginia Creeper...

27 Jul, 2011


My blog 'How Does A Climber Hang On' (August 2009) details how various plants support themselves. Parthenocissus is mentioned in there

27 Jul, 2011


It is very attractive but not a good plant to grow on a house wall.

28 Jul, 2011


Um, sorry to be the dissenting voice, but it depends entirely on the state of your brickwork and, in particular, the mortar. Architects will happily permit parthenocissus to be planted against the wall of a new house, with new bricks and newly done mortar - the problem arises if the mortar is old and hasn't been repointed in years, when the plant will cause damage.

28 Jul, 2011

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