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I saw a Robina lace lady at our local garden centre today, i loved the shape of it but wondered how easy it was to look after, the leaves looked slightly crinkled, is that normal or did it need a good water? !! also would it be winter hardy if i put it in a pot? it was a lot of money to lose in the frosts!



Crinkling leaves are normal on this variety, but brown edges aren't. According to my information, it is hardy down to -32ยบ C, but you still probably want to provide protection to the pot, to keep the soil from freezing solid.

27 Jul, 2011


Thanks Tugbrethil for the information, hope to go and buy now! Do you have one of these plants? any problems i need to know about?

28 Jul, 2011


If you have leaf cutter bees in your neighborhood, expect to see perfectly circular cuts out of the leaves, since this is one of the bee's favorites. No real harm to it, but alarming at first sight! : )

28 Jul, 2011

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