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I have an umbrella bamboo ("fargesia murielae" - I think) in my garden which has not been attended to for years. Last year, I pruned back the plant from circa 12 feet to 6 feet, but the pruned stems seem to have died. Where have I gone wrong please?

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is this a true bamboo ? i ask as its normaly tough as old boots . the fact that you seam to have cut it back makes me wonder . it looks like something diabolical has happend to it especialy with all the other plants round it looking so full of life . hopefully someone like moon grower or bamboo may have an answer . im intrigued myself as it goes .

23 Jul, 2011


Last winter was cold enough to kill many kinds of clumping bamboo, and even some of the hardier running kinds were damaged. I'm not seeing any attempt at regrowth, which is discouraging. You might want to sprinkle a few handfuls of lawn food--NOT weed & feed--over the area, water it in well, and give it another month to try to recover. I would leave the dead stems for now, because if it does try to grow again, those dead stems will help protect the new shoots this coming winter.

24 Jul, 2011


well ive learnt sopmething . i thaught bamboo was quit indestructible unless it doesnt get waterd . thanx tugbrethil x .

25 Jul, 2011


Ther's bamboo, and there's bamboo, Np. The Fargesias are a clumping genus, and so a little more tropical and finicky than the Phyllostachys clan--which all have dreams of world domination! : )

26 Jul, 2011


ic thanx again tugbrethil xx .

26 Jul, 2011

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