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not sure that this is strictly a gardening question but I am baffled so thought I'd ask. I found a pile of soil on the floor of my garden shed. It was about three feet by two and about 6 inches high - the soli was under some garden chairs and it did not


By Shed

North Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

this question is about a big(gish) pile of earth foudn in my garden shed - looked like it had been thrown up but must have been carried in through hole (about 2 inches in diameter) at back of shed - looked like a molehill - what animals carry soil into buildings (no evidence of droppings) and the soil was not in balls - it was quite loose with lots of roots in it.

I am surprised that rats would move so much soil - but then I was surprised that baby rats have play areas!

Thanks everyone for the interest- I am still not convinced that a rat would move so much soil - but clearly other people have had similar problems. Wouldn't the rat have damaged stuff in the shed - there is a lot of material in there that would have been useful for a nest - as you can tell I am still somewhat baffled.



Hi shed,
It's a play area for baby rats, the nest is under the floor.
Put rat bait down in the trays supplied and wait for results. Do not disturb the soil as you will only drive them somewhere else.

23 Jan, 2009


Hi Marguerite,
It's early days, she may not have had her babies yet, she is just making preparations and it would be a very safe place away from cats and foxes for her to have her litter.

23 Jan, 2009


Isn't it sad! I know from observation that female rats are good mothers ( like all mammals I guess) and the babies are so cute, but I didn't know that they make play areas for their young.
Don't worry, I'm not so sentimental that I allow them to thrive; I too have put down poison and would do again as i don't know any other way. We bought traps when we had them in the garden at work and used chocolate as bait but all we managed to trap were feral pigeons. It's not pleasant trying to pull a pigeon backwards out of a narrow cage!
So we resorted to poison. What a nasty death. We whacked them on the head when we found the dying babies and the mum. Is there any more humane poison?
I don't envy you Shed, having to deal with this problem.
I did it in my garden too and I dread having to do it again but as i feed the birds, it's likely to happen.

24 Jan, 2009

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