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By Sunday

west mids, United Kingdom Gb

Hi Guys,

Me again. Just a quickie really. Can anybody give me advice of where to buy a really good priced raised bed please?
Also, what soil to use, and also, how to advice on what veg can be grown in their pls.

Thanks in advance



A raised bed is very easy to construct yourself and so much cheaper than a bought one. Get some 6x1" planks from your local DIY outlet, rough sawn and treated, and a few stakes for the corners and hammer them together.
If your garden soil is good then use it and mix with some all round compost or worm casts from a worm farm.

23 Jan, 2009


will give it a go...


23 Jan, 2009


you might want to mix some well rotted horse poo with it too, this will hopefully keep the moisture in , as raised beds dry out so quickly, good luck

23 Jan, 2009


thanks for the advice, but where do i get horse poo?

23 Jan, 2009


From a horse poo shop?........try any of the local stables...they usually give it away take your wellies a shovel and some old plastic bags to put it in

24 Jan, 2009


thanks, I never thought of that; will ring the stables tomorow.

24 Jan, 2009


thanks everyone for all your advice and suggestions.


30 Jan, 2009


Hello again,
While browsing recently on our local freecycle site, I saw someone had posted a "Wanted" notice for well-rotted horse poo. (the not-yet-rotted sort is ok eventually, but not-yet-ready, so can burn plants) I decided to get in touch with this person and ask her to forward me details if she finds a good source! She was happy to oblige, but i've not yet heard...
The other day my neighbour brought me a large bag of guineapig poo and gp bedding etc she'd just cleared out, cos i thought I'd also try some of that on the compost.

2 Feb, 2009

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