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organic cleaning for greenhouse /pots/tubs


By Masie

United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone recommend a safe cleaning substance to cleanse greenhouse /polytunnel/pots &tubs before restocking plants,as I've not done this before.All ideas very welcome. Cheers



I use a very diluted amount of jeyes fluid, maybe a dessert spoon to large bucket of water, I also use this to clean my pots each year too, I dont envy you that job, good luck

22 Jan, 2009


Thats exactly what I do too.Masie......Jeyes fluid

22 Jan, 2009


I also use jeyes fluid, well diluted and have found that an old loo brush of the round type is perfect for scrubbing inside the pots.
If you can do it on a sunny day so much the better.

23 Jan, 2009


As above, Jeyes is OK for pots and tubs.
It will stain polythene and as I have found, working with it in a greenhouse, the fumes make you ill. Use a solution of 8 water to 1 vinegar, put on with a squeezy mop & bucket, or a killer spray. Wipe it off, newspaper is best for that.

23 Jan, 2009

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