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Last year I tried growing tomatoes and peppers, the plants survived the patchy summer but did not mature quick enough for the fruit to ripen before they were frozen by the overnight winter at the end of september. I am thinking of getting a greenhouse; my primary qustion is what is the difference in quality between the plastic sheeting versions and the solid glass or polycarbonate models? I'm sure that they're less structurally stable but how does the material difference affect plant development? Essentially is it worth the massive price difference?



Yes definatly, I have had the cheaper models and they dont even last a season, especially in windy locations, However if you have a well sheltered spot you may get away with it.

21 Jan, 2009


I agree with Funkyfuchsia. Buy the best you can afford. It pays in the long run. The plastic sheeting ones don't even need a high wind. They deteriorate very very quickly. In my opinion they are for very temporary emergency use.


21 Jan, 2009


Totally agree - I have a friend who is on her third plastic greenhouse in two years. Hopeless and a waste of money, wasn't it! Much better to save up and get a decent one.

21 Jan, 2009


Look in your local newspaper - you can often find free glass-greenhouses if you are prepared to dismantle and remove them. Depending on the condition of the glass, an your DIY ability, this might be worth considering.

21 Jan, 2009


Glass lets the air warm up inside and then retains it, hence the saying 'greenhouse effect'. Buy the biggest you can manage as there's never enough room and put down a proper base otherwise it may settle and warp and then the glass won't fit. It's worth taking time over the construction.

21 Jan, 2009


I favour polycarbonate myself. The light is diffused evenly within the greenhouse, and so everything grows straight up without needing turning. Also, you save on shading.
Plastic is definitely not worth the saving in cost.

31 Jan, 2009


my father in law got a polycarbonate one at the same time i got glass. his polycarbonate has gone 'cloudy' in 7 yrs whereas the glass just needs a wash every now and again.
best advice is buy the best you can afford. originally i got a 10x8 and have added another 10x8 to the end pannel when i could afford it. 20x8 is great but i wish i had space for more. my first was from an ad in the local paper to take down and remove at my cost. a bigger job than i had imagined, thank heaven for husband. the second was a new one, clean and easy.
enjoy the gardening.

13 Feb, 2009

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