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Wet Garlic
The local farm shop is selling 'wet garlic'. Is this suitable for splitting up and growing in the garden? If so should I plant it now, when will it be ready to harvest please?



Sorry Pennyfarthing what is 'wet garlic'?

20 Jul, 2011


It sounds like what we grow in Scotland? They probably mean green, undried garlic though why anyone would want to buy that I don't know.

20 Jul, 2011


Hi Pennyfartihng, wet Garlic is this years first crop. The bulb is not segmented inside: so you cannot break it up and plant out as there is nothing to breakup. It is normally sold with the stem and some roots still attached to the bulb, am guessing that is why you though you can divide and grow it.

You can eat it though, it makes great garlic bread and adds a strong but also creamy flavour to sauces. Otherwise if you store it, it will dry like late garlic.

20 Jul, 2011


Thank you for these replies. I don't know, Moongrower. I was mystified and the person in charge of the shop that morning didn't know. I would like to try growing some garlic though, so any advice would be welcome. Somebody told me supermarket garlic is treated and is no good for planting. So do I start with seed or small bulbs like onion sets?

20 Jul, 2011


If you buy organic garlic from the supermarket it will grow - I've occasionally forgotten to us ours and it has sprouted. Copy and paste the link below into your web browser for info on growing

20 Jul, 2011


I'll give it a go, Moongrower. Thanks.

22 Jul, 2011


Good luck!

22 Jul, 2011


Thanks, Bulbaholic and Kildamorie, for explaining what 'wet'garlic means!

28 Jul, 2011

How do I say thanks?

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