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I planted vegetables in my new raised beds last year but all of the vegetables bolted. Was this because of the street light outside my garden which is obviously on all night long this allowing no darkness for the plants. If so, what can I do to prevent

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the datails are as per question



Oo - now that's an interesting question.....I know that street lighting can cause stress to urban trees but I haven't heard of it causing probs for veggies - but then this might be coz people don't usually grow veggies in front gardens where the lights are (fumes from cars and veggie-pinching passers-by are for why!) There are many reasons why your veggies might have bolted. It might have been too dry (being a raised bed) but then last year was pretty damp if I remember!! Did you allow your seedlings to get a bit pot bound and stressed before planting them out? What sort of infill did you use for your raised beds eg bought topsoil / organic matter etc? What veggies did you grow exactly? Did you grow from seed or from plants you bought? Sorry for all the questions!

19 Jan, 2009


Some just do bolt, spinach is notorious for this, also some veggies bolt if transplanted. Are you remembering to harvest them soon enough? It sounds silly but they won't stay at the perfect stage for long.

21 Jan, 2009

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