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Can anyone recommend an indoor tree


By Jasmine

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

I would like a smallish tree for a space in my conservatory which is extremely cold in the winter. Or a plant 2-3 feet tall which won't grow too wide or too tall too quickly... Can anyone recommend anything? Thanks!



I think the problem will prove to be the heat in the summer rather than the winter cold....I can't think of anything particular, will think about it.............

19 Jan, 2009


Try a Mimosa Dealbata (the feathery-leaf type) - they can stand winter cold (I have one outside in Leicester now, fully-leafed ) and summer heat, and may even flower - but the leaves are lovely, year - round. I've just uploaded a photo of it.

20 Jan, 2009


Right, I've had a think, and I think a camellia would be nice - evergreen and will flower. Should be able to tolerate the range of temps. I've seen them grown in conservatories and they seem to thrive :-)

20 Jan, 2009


Or try a lemon tree although this will appreciate some time outside in summer. Cordyline australis might be good too as it's not really hardy outside.

21 Jan, 2009


thank you all for suggestions - it doesn't actually get very hot in the summer as the sun's never really shining on it fully! I think a camellia is a good idea - lovely flowers!

24 Jan, 2009


Ok Jasmine! Don't forget to use ericaceous compost tho! :-)

26 Jan, 2009

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