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sowing seeds


By Andrea

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi is it too early to sow seeds for bell peppers, I have a heated propagator so thought I would give them a try, I`ve heard that they require a long growing season. OH, and what about sweetcorn?



Snap Andrea, I have sown my peppers today too. They do need a longer growing period. Not sure about the sweetcorn though, but Im sure someone else will pop up with that answer later......

19 Jan, 2009


Sweetcorn grows AMAZINGLY fast! Sow them at the last minute when danger of frost is past, so that you can put them out straight away when they're a few inches tall. I sowed some in a tray on a windersill one year and they were up above the soil 24 hours later and were a couple of inches tall two days later!!! If you can't put them out straight away when they're ready it really stunts their growth badly.

Re the peppers, I used to sow a few seeds, but dull weather and damp kill the seedlings very easily, tho you might have more luck with your heated propagator. These days I just buy about 4 young plants (dead cheap) in the spring and it's much less risk and hassle.

19 Jan, 2009


Cheers folks!

20 Jan, 2009


It's fine to sow your bell pepper seeds now, and heat is important for germination, so use the propagator. As for sweetcorn, I usually sow mine end of April/early May, as they do grow quickly, and can go out in the ground as soon as june arrives. Good Luck with it all.

31 Jan, 2009

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