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Thanks to all the members for anwers about my cordyline, answer to bamboo it is going brown near to the top and it flowered for about 6 weeks and i have had it for about 5 months but it was mature when i bought it the other one is smaller and is fine it as berries but has not flowered thanks stephen



Stephen, it would be much better if you could respond under your own question if you want to answer anything, in other words, as if you're answering your own query. I've only just seen this response because it popped up in the unanswered questions category - had you added it underneath my response to you, I'd have seen it straight away.
First, you say your cordyline is going brown near to the top - if you mean the flower stem is going brown, that's quite normal - remove the stem by cutting it out at the base. If you mean the leaves are going brown at the top of the plant, that's not normal, so a photo would be helpful.
As for the 'other one' having berries, that's confusing - cordylines do not produce berries - the flowers, if left on the plant, eventually turn into seed cases, is that what you mean? Answer below this please.

22 Jul, 2011

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