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controlling moss and algae


By Janpled

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone recommend a product that actually does the job of killing moss and algae effectively on hard surfaces around the house and garden. I have a large tarmac driveway that is getting very slippery. The product I used last summer has not been effective and was very expensive. What do others use?



Jeyes Fluid will damage tarmac and Armillatox is not strong enough now.
I've used Sulphate of iron but it does stain paths, tennis courts, driveways etc. a rusty colour.
You can jet wash it off.

18 Jan, 2009


I dont normaly take to this kind of thing but living withvery shaded back yard to my house and having spent a fortune over the years I felt a great sympathy with your problem----the answer to my own ( that I discovered by dint of trial and error ) I am forwarding and hope that it will be the little miracle for you that it has been for me/ Go to somewhere such as Lidls and buy some of their liquid detergent(I bought the 1 litre concentrated ) on my steps and paving stones I painted it on neat then just left-- no scrubbing -hosing-and it worked--try and choose a dry spell I didnt have any problems of slipperiness with it either--it also worked equally well with equal part cold water to dilute it on the mossy tarmac at the font of the house Do try it please if only on a small area initially--have a little patience it may take a little while to see the efects but the effcts are quite long lasting and so easy to paint on I dipped a soft sweeping brush into a large bucket and scrubbed it into the porous surfaces then left --that was lastJuly and my steps and breeze blocks are still clear --I have never gone a winter before without dreading Spring and all the scraping and prodding and scrubbing I would have to do---Good Luck if you try this and hope you have the same success-- Highsteps

18 Jan, 2009


If you don't want to use chemicals (they cause havoc if they run off onto flower beds) use a power washer to blast it all away. regular sweeping will help too.

19 Jan, 2009


you could try a strong solution of bleach in a watering can fitted with a fine rose and then use a stiff yard brush

22 Jan, 2009

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