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Went out this afternoon after all the very heavy rain last night and saw a carpet of green in my border. Hundreds of tiny little weeds (I think). I see their older brothers and sisters are living nearby and when I dug one up it's roots were huge. I seem to remember a few last year and, being such a novice, thought they were quite nice! Yellow flowers a bit like buttercups. I couldn't get a suitable photograph but I am sure many of you will identify it immediately and hopefully tell me what to do. Week killer or just keep digging it up?



you could try to dig it up but that is too time consuming.

My brother in law had a similar problem so he took away a foot of the soil and put a strong black sheet of plastic over the whole garden and where he wanted to plant big tree's for example he put big pots.

Now he has never had to worry about weeds and the weeds can never go deeper then 1 foot so easy peasy :)

18 Jan, 2009


If it were me Ginellie and I were sure they were weeds I'd get out the hoe. I'm not one to use weed killer unless absolutely necessary. Try hoeing and then put some mulch down to smother any weeds you missed.

18 Jan, 2009


I think I'll give the hoe a go first then, sounds better than pulling them up individually. There seem to be too many of them to be flowers, they look a bit like carrot tops. Thanks as always for advice.

18 Jan, 2009


It sounds like it might be Celandine (Ranunculus ficaria). This is a rampant weed that spreads via tubers on the stems and tubers underground that multiply rapidly every year. The up-side is that it is an early spring plant and dies away in early summer (but is secretly multiplying underground!!). I have a patch of this in my front garden and every year I have a good attempt at removing as much as possible, but you can never get rid of it. You could spray with a glyphosate weed killer but be careful of other foliage as weed killers kill anything!

19 Jan, 2009

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