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By Davecee

Hi All, need some advice,about where i intend to put my g/house, the back will be near a garage wall, and one side will be near a six foot fence. It is 8x6ft. This is the only place i can put it will there be any problems with plants etc that i intend to grow from seed. A COMPLETE NOVICE .
Any help advice please.

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Greenhouses rarely fit into an 'ideal' location; we have to put them where we can and a poorly located greenhouse is better than none at all. The best that you can hope for is that the two open walls face south and west, the worst is if they face north and east. The amount of light that you get will be less than you could wish for but as a bonus you probably won't have to worry about shading it.

16 Jul, 2011


The only problem you may have is the amount of usseable light for the plants ie how much sun they get. also temperature could be an issue in the spring and autum dropping to low for reliable,productive propagation of seed and cuttings. if young plants stretch and look pale they are under lit, not enough sun, or over heated, not enough ventilation. you can increase the light by painting light weight sheet material such as exterior hard bored on the ruff side with matt white emulsion and placing them along the fence and garage side of the g house to reflect the light back to the plants instead of being absorbed by the fence or brickwork. If you have electric there are some inexpensive lowe energy grow lights on the market called compact florecent lamps. one for propagation over half a square meter cost around £25.00 to buy and a few pence a day to run. hope this helps

16 Jul, 2011


Thank you Bulbaholic and Howard68, Not sure what way the open walls are facing but will try to find out. However i do know that the sun (when out) does stay all day and well into the evening aawell. Again many thanks for the replys, and im sure i will have lots of question as i go along. Will look into the lights as i have a brick shed close by.

16 Jul, 2011


You can easily find out the compass directions of your plot with your watch. Point the hour hand towards the sun. If it is British summer time allow an extra hour - ie if it is four o'clock, then point the 5 to the sun rather than the 4 where the hour hand actually is. With your watch in this position the six points to North. Works what ever time of day it is. Cunning eh?

17 Jul, 2011


If the sun is ever shining at mid-day to one o'clock time then it is more or less in the south. Never could manage the Boy Scouts trick with the watch, Steragram:-)

17 Jul, 2011

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