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I find that in my garden soil in the allotment a lot of tiny slug eggs and how can I get rid of it as it eats all my patatoes?



About all that you can do is squish 'em when you find 'em, Laylahammam. You might also scatter some of the organic slug control pellets made from iron phosphate, to take care of them after they hatch.

15 Jul, 2011


thank you but i know there is some sort slug killers to put in the soil to kill the slugs before they are hatched.

15 Jul, 2011


i would write slug supressent in google excusemy spelling lol . if you find eggs a little bit of salt sprinkled over the eggs . not to much thow as youl upset the soil .

16 Jul, 2011


Better to fill a squirt bottle with household ammonia and squirt them when you find them. The ammonia kills the eggs, and doesn't poison the soil, like salt does--it just turns into fertilizer. Don't get the ammonia on any plant leaves, though, since it will create brown spots there.

17 Jul, 2011

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