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By Regina

Monmouth County/NJ, United States Us

Holly Hock Rust. Yuck! It was the worse I have ever seen this summer. Well, the plants have bloomed and now what should I do?



To be honest Regina I have learned to live with it and stopped spraying as the plant seems to come to no harm. I just remove any unsightly leaves. I have noticed if they are grown away from other plants and gets lots of all round air they dont seem to get it.

14 Jul, 2011


Mine get rust too but as Drc says just cut the rusty leaves off, mine have escaped rust this year I'm pleased to say :o))

14 Jul, 2011


ive grown some from seed in pots this year with no rust at all, i planted out late april/early may and they have done a lot better and your giving them a good head start or as Drc726 says just cut the worst of them off. ;)

15 Jul, 2011


Thanks guys. The problem is the whole plant is infected. Perhaps I can treat the soil? Also, Windy64 if I save the seeds and start in pots next year are the seed infected?

18 Jul, 2011

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