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I'm obviously coming across as a complete novice with all these questions but here goes another!!! I have a small pot witch wild flowers have started to come up in, I randomly planted mixed seeds last year so have no idea what they are, and I noticed today that one side of the leaves are covered in aphid babies. However there are black ants harvesting them! Should I leave the ants to get rid of them and keep them in check or should I remove them myself???



the ants wont get rid of them, just keep them alive for their own food purposes. I would personally get rid of the greenfly and then this will hopefully encourage the ants to go else where

13 Jul, 2011


Yes, the ants 'milk' the aphids for their sticky honeydew excretions. I'd rub them off with a gloved hand.

13 Jul, 2011


theants are living in symbioses with the aphids . there the aphids body gaurds while the aphids quite litterly poo a sugary solution that the ants love . even a blst with a hose will knock them of but just spray the aphids on the stem. you could just use a light spray of fly spray if theres not millions of them . aphids are A sexual meaning they dont need to mate to have young infact aphids are pregnant when they are born and can lay a new baby every hour . what you need is a ladybird infestation . i do believe you can get the likes of ladybird lava sentto you to let go in your garden .

16 Jul, 2011


bye theway your not born to be a gardener so everyone is a novice at some time in there life just like you and theres only 2 ways of learning . the hardway which means making lots of mistakes or theeasy way bye comming onto a lovley site like this one and save yourself some money and heartache .

16 Jul, 2011

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