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Can I give outdoor seeds a better start in the greenhouse?

Derbyshire, United Kingdom Gb

If I buy a packet of seeds that says plant outdoors directly into flowering position can I plant them in the greenhouse until they are big enough to go outside to give them a better start?



Hi Nickie, most of these seeds resent transplanting so if you grow in your Greenhouse I would suggest using peat pots that would degrade in the soil. Hope this helps.

27 May, 2007


Hi , I agree with the above , if I want to start something off in the Greehouse that should go straight outdoors I use the inside of the toilet rolls ( the tube bit ) and when the plant is big enough I just plant it straight into the ground , it also SEEMS to keep the slugs away a bit , they must get to the cardboard bit and think its not very tasty and move on ? lol

2 Jun, 2007

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