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Poppy ID please :-)

I found an odd weed that I let grow out of interest and it became this beautiful poppy!! Does anyone know what it is specifically? I intend to keep the seed so I'd like to label it properly :-)




I may have answered my own question by looking at pics on google...

There are many images listed as peoply poppy - due to it's peony likeness. I also see it described as a pink double. The latin name I found for this is "Papaver Paeoniflorum"....

Would anyone agree? Thanks in advance :-)

13 Jul, 2011


i think it is Papaver somnifera [opium poppy of which there are many double forms in a range of colours.] I have lots of these popping up all over some no taller than 12" others over 3ft. they will produce seed but you are unlikly to get identical plants next year. always fun to see the genetic mix.

13 Jul, 2011


Yes - after googling, I agree. It's an Opium poppy - a Double pink.

Thank you Seaburngirl :-) x

13 Jul, 2011


you are welcome :o)

13 Jul, 2011

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