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After mulching can the mulched brambles and ivy be put back on the earth without the change of this growing back?


By Mayshar

United Kingdom Gb

We are clearing a strip of garden that has not been touched for many years. It is completely overgrown with many large busches, ivy and brambles. After it all has been cut and pulled away, we want to mulch the whole lot to reduce it in size. We are leaving the trees. My husband wants to put the mulch back on the ground but I am afraid that this mulch can still have something of the ivy and brambles that can help it grow back. I know that in the ground there are still roots of them and we have to keep that under control but isn't it better to throw all the mulch away to minimize the problem?



Having worked hard to clear them in the first place, if it were me I would not take the chance with these two plants.

13 Jul, 2011


I'm a bit unclear about what you mean. If you've pulled out brambles and ivy, you could cut the roots off the brambles, chop up the green top growth and compost it. The ivy is likely to root from the stems so will need to be burnt up together with the woody bits of bramble and the roots. If you don't want to fiddle round with the brambles burn the whole lot.
You can't really replace the brambles and ivy on the ground on top of the mulch as they will just root and grow away again.

13 Jul, 2011


I'm confused by the terms 'after mulching' and 'mulched' brambles and ivy. Do you mean you've applied a mulch to the soil, and now are wondering if the bramble and ivy material can be laid on top, and that this material has either been shredded or composted?

13 Jul, 2011


I understood the question to mean that he'd shredded the brambles and ivy, and was wondering if the shredded bits would regrow if used as a mulch. Which is the same thing I'm wondering

29 Nov, 2011


Well, Cpmac, as the question was posted back in July, we're unlikely to find out either way now, lol! Mayshar obviously couldn't be bothered to get back to us...

29 Nov, 2011

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